I spent the last days of the British summer this week at Lucy-Cavendish College in Cambridge, where Peter van Loo and I had invited 20 equally opinionated researchers from all over the world to discuss what is new and hot in cancer research.

The workshop was called Systems Genetics of Cancer 2016 (and if you click this link to the workshop webpage you will find an impressive list of participants). And because we like to be special, we did not allow any Powerpoint slides. All talks were chalk talks – or rather pen on flip-chart. Among many advantages, this allowed us to take full advantage of the college garden.


And it almost seems like the participants were all enjoying themselves despite the deep scientific discussions… so what is a driver gene again?


Deep discussions, which continued on the river Cam…


A loud THANK YOU to all participants for making this a great meeting. Peter and I hope to see many of you again next year.

And once I have digested all the new ideas and arguments I learned this year (and once I’ve written all the papers, grant proposals and book chapters which have their deadlines in the next few weeks), I promise to write some of my insights down here. Stay tuned!


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