Best Of

My posts are my babies, they are all special to me. However, here is a short list of some that are even more special than the others:

My selection contrasts slightly with the readers’ favorites. My top posts ranked by the number of views are

  1. Mix Tape #1: Best Songs About Science
  2. A philosophical suicide — Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending
  3. From Postdoc to PI — Ten Simple Rules for Applying (part 1)

Thematic collections

Some posts are part of a series, in which I explore a specific topic. Currently I am developing two of those:

Inferring tumour evolution

  1. The intra-tumour phylogeny problem
  2. Comparison to classical phylogenetics
  3. Methods for single samples
  4. Methods for multiple samples of the same tumour
  5. and more than I can list here …

Methods versus insights

  1. Spare me your method; show me your finding!
  2. How the Pros do it
  3. The data don’t fall from the sky
  4. The four stages of a project (and the fifth you should avoid)

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