20 researchers, hundreds of opinions, no powerpoint – yes, it’s been that time of the year again: Systems Genetics of Cancer rocked London.

We hadn’t found a nice Cambridge college like last year and had to make do with a newly built place full of colorful floors next to Kings Cross. Thank you, Crick, for hosting us.

Participants this year were:

  • Ivana Bozic
  • Peter Dirks
  • Ekta Khurana
  • Dan Landau
  • Peter van Loo
  • Nuria Lopez-Bigas
  • Soulafa Mamlouk
  • Florian Markowetz
  • Martin Miller
  • Quaid Morris
  • Duncan Odom
  • Dana Pe’er
  • David Posada
  • Ben Raphael
  • Sohrab Shah
  • Samra Turajlic
  • Roel Verhaak
  • Wenyi Wang
  • David Wedge

It was a great meeting and I hope to see all of you again soon.


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