Team building? Piece of cake … and a dancing Sir Bruce Ponder

The highlight of every Institute Retreat is the team building challenge. And my lab is pretty good at it; we’ve won it several times.

See for example the marble run we built in 2014.

We are so good at it, actually, that for the last two years the official announcement of the team building challenge included the statement: “The goal of this exercise is to make sure the Markowetz lab doesn’t win again.”

Last year, we had succumbed to the mounting pressure: When asked to build a life-like animal from paper and cardboard we produced what even optimistically can only be called a ‘roadkill turtle‘. No wonder we came last in the competition. No photographic evidence survives (we made sure of that).

This year was comeback time!

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And the 2014 Ponder Prize for Teambuilding goes to …

The highlight of every annual Institute Retreat is the team building challenge.

There even is a trophy for it, called the ‘Ponder Prize for Teambuilding’.

This year’s challenge was to build a marble run within 1.5h using only paper and other cheap stuff.

And guess who won the competition!?

No, not them.

It was us!

You can see the prize-winning result in the video below.

The music is straight from the ‘Bavarian feast’ that followed the retreat.