Is there an alternative to ‘Excel is the devil’?

In my last post I shared the slides for my talk  “5 selfish reasons to work reproducibly”.

In my talk I stressed the importance of using scripts and code to make analyses reproducible. Instead of clicking, cutting and pasting as you would have to do in a tool like Excel.

I had also submitted my slides to the F1000 slides collection and after a few days got a very polite email back, asking me to rethink the keywords I had chosen in the submission:

Thank you for your slides submission: “5 selfish reasons to work reproducibly”.

Just a quick note to say that keywords are displayed alongside your presentation and are often how users will find your submission, by searching our site.

With this in mind, we were wondering if you had an alternative to “Excel is the devil” which might be more likely to appear on search results. [my emphasis]

First of all, I am impressed by how serious they take curating slides at F1000.

And, yeah, I might come up with some other keywords, even though I think ‘Excel is the devil’ remains quite accurate.

You can find the slides together with the new keywords (quite boring: Reproducible research, knitr, Sweave, Successful lab, Career advice) here:

Markowetz F.
Five selfish reasons to work reproducibly [v1; not peer reviewed].
F1000Research 2015, 4:207 (slide presentation)
(doi: 10.7490/f1000research.1000179.1)


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