The Return of the Duke Saga — brave Med student blew the whistle!

Hey, I had almost forgotten about the Duke breast cancer train wreck. But yesterday Keith Baggerly announced new developments via email:

Jan 10, 2014

The Saga Continues…

This week’s Cancer Letter (a free issue) describes a whistleblowing event within the Potti lab from March-April 2008, which, had it been heeded, might well have stopped problems in their tracks a year and a half before our Annals paper. The “Research Concerns” raised by med student Brad Perez
would certainly have freaked me out at the time, and I recommend beginning this chapter by reading this 3-page memo in full, possibly with a notepad at hand to jot down just how many things were done wrong. There were several I never would’ve guessed.

The main Cancer Letter story places this note in context and describes what happened with it, and is well worth reading in full. The online version
shows many of the raw documents in readily readable form.

Perhaps the most telling contrast is between the detailed memo linked to above and the final version submitted to HHMI with accompanying notes from Nevins and Potti and administrators involved, shown at the bottom of

To those who would characterize these issues as “a difference of opinion”, I (like Brad), respectfully disagree.



Have a look at the links. They make for a good read that will shake all illusions you might have had about the research integrity practiced by Potti/Nevins.



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