If not my science, at least my blog made it into Nature

Chris Woolston writes Nature’s roundup of the papers and issues gaining traction on social media. And in his newest article `Sanger’s legacy stirs up digital chatter‘ he cites my recent blog post `Don’t worry, Fred Sanger, you’d be fine! Today’s science ain’t that bad after all‘.

My own post provides the upbeat counter-point to what François Gould, a palaeontology postdoc at Northeast Ohio Medical University, had said.

Gould explained that his tweet reflects his frustration with the grant process.

“Most of us trying to make it as junior scientists aren’t playing in Fred Sanger’s league,” he said.

From his perspective, it is still hugely challenging to convince a grant committee to take a chance on a young principal investigator who lacks a long history of publications.

I certainly sympathize with Gould. Not very many of us play in Sanger’s league – and we certainly shouldn’t have to to make a living in science.

However, my own former postdocs, who have now started independent labs, all struggle to secure funding, so I think Gould is completely right.

Maybe my more relaxed view is just very easily explained by the security that tenure in a core funded institute brings …



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