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Work by Daniel Kohn
Work by Daniel Kohn

I am not necessarily very impressed by attempts to sell me an ugly chimera of Art and Science, just look at what I thought of David Edward’s badly edited The Lab.

But I liked the cover of Hallam Stevens’ Life Out Of Sequence, the book I wrote about last week. The bookcover sports a painting by the Broad Institute’s artist-in-residence Daniel Kohn. The green one on top of this post is also by him.

Hooray for the Broad, where everything is a bit bigger and the artist could spend months on a gigantic installation called Instance of a DataSet spanning several floors of their building.

Daniel Kohn’s seven-floor experimental installation is a visual manifestation of a cross-disciplinary inquiry into the intersection of art and science – the result of Kohn’s long-term collaboration with Broad scientists. Inspired by and reflective of genomic experimentation, the piece is a working hypothesis that explores and echoes the work being conducted in the field of genomics. (from the press release)

Oh my! A visual manifestation of a cross-disciplinary inquiry and a working hypothesis – I hope this all makes sense to someone. But forget the nonsense text … it still looks cool to me.

And it wouldn’t be the Broad if the artwork hadn’t its own video:

Around here things tend to be a wee bit smaller. But there are still many connections between science and art:

  • The EpiGeneSys network that I am affiliated with has its own artist-in-residence, Paul Liam Harrison, but unfortunatley I couldn’t find any of his epigenetics-inspired artworks online.
  • And my own institute, the CRUK Cambridge Institute, hosts the ArtCell gallery thanks to the effort of Stefanie Reichelt, the head of our microscopy group. Below is her etching ‘Quiet’:
'Quiet' by Stefanie Reichelt
‘Quiet’ by Stefanie Reichelt


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