A serious case of replication frustration!

Pol Sci Rep

… and this time it doesn’t even have anything to do with breast cancer. Check out the latest news on replication in the social sciences on my wife’s new blog Political Science Replication:

“I don’t have a ready-made dataset.” – “We don’t have the R code for our paper available.” – “I’m travelling. I will definitely send the replication data when I can clean it up a bit.” These are just some of the answers I received when asking authors for their replication data in political science. Only few sent me replication-ready data and almost no one sent me their code or .do file. This is a serious case of replication frustration! *

Reading her post I realized that my own field, genomics, actually seems to put much more effort into reproducibility and replicability than the social and political sciences. Just think of all the big repositories for micorarrays and sequencing data. That should sort at least the availability of the original data. And the experimental data packages on Bioconductor can contain vignettes with all the code necessary to re-do the analysis (like in this example from my group).

I’m quite happy about these efforts, but then again …  it’s still sometimes a pain in the neck to get full GWAS data sets or complete genome-wide RNAi screening data. And ‘we need to clean up the data first’ or ‘the first author is traveling’ are excuses I regularly hear when asking for data.

Still so much left to do, wherever you look …


PS: I wonder where she got the idea for the layout from …


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