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Mix Tape #4: Lyrical oxidation!

Björk – Biophilia (2011)

Personally, I can stand Björk only in small doses, but since she is now a self-proclaimed science groupie I’ll give it another try. Especially since she was even featured in Nature Medicine and has a song Virus along the lines of “As a virus needs soft tissue, I need you”. Lovely!

This is the full set of her latest project ‘Biophilia‘ — all 53 minutes of it:

““The most natural way I could make music visual for me was to compare it to elements in nature. So shapes of songs are like crystals, arrangements multiply like viruses, chords are like strata in tectonic plates, rhythm like DNA replicates, arpeggios like lightnings and so on… *

Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two (2010?)

“It’s time to weigh in.\
More from the top or from the ground?\
Let’s listen to the basics\
Keynes and Hayek throwin’ down”
[full lyrics]

Blackalicious – Chemical Calisthenics (2002)

“Neutron, proton, mass effect, lyrical oxidation, yo irrelevant
Mass spectrograph, your electron volt, atomic energy erupting
As I get all open on betacron, gamma rays thermo cracking”

Funky49 – Particle Business (2010)

“Yo, a mad grip of events do occur
Blast fast, Data stream is a blur
Normal events, They get ignored
Higgs events, They get adored!”

Blast lab, ICL – Science Nation Army (2012)

The Blast lab at Imperial College, London, recreates The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army with lab equipment:

“Taken out of context, a single action in the lab means little, but when orchestrated correctly, a coherent story about biomechanics can be told.*

“While it may seem lighthearted, there’s a strong message behind the video. The finished product of a scientific investigation, like a song, is inevitably the result of days of practice, experimentation and collaboration. A scientist might have an idea of what they want their investigation to sound like, but the process of science will throw up challenges, test creativity and occasionally uncover entirely new melodies. *

Look up the tag mixed tape for a list of all science-themed music collections at Scientific B-sides.



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