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Mix Tape #3: It’s the animal spirits!

Once I got started, I couldn’t stop: Collecting songs with a science theme is quite addictive. Maybe from now on I just hand them out in packages of five or so.

Thousand Days — Abscence (2008?)

Pardis Sabeti, working at Harvard and the Broad Institute and lead scientist on a recent, discussion-stirring paper on detecting interactions, is also the lead singer in the band Thousand Days. And the person who put together this video must be a huge fan of her and her music – or it’s just a Broad-thing to promote everything and everybody with a video:

“Pardis C. Sabeti is ranked as #49 among the top 100 living geniuses,” informs us the description of the video on Youtube. Now I’m jealous …

Ali G – Science Rap (2006?)

Based on Ali G chatting to “some old geezers on science and techmology“.

“He has no techmology,
you can check out his website!”

Bill Nye the Science Guy – There’s Science In Music (????)

“So just what your’re saying,\
the music I’m playing\
is making it swaying\
to my tiny brain”

Oingo Boingo — Weird Science (1985)

A classic! I can’t apologize enough for listing it so late.

“From my heart and from my hand\
Why don’t people understand\
My intentions . . . . Oooh, weird . . . .\
Weird science!”

“Fear the Boom and Bust” a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem (2010?)

(hat tip to Dominik who posted this video in the comments of the last mix tape)

“[Keynes] I want to steer markets,
[Hayek] I want them set free
There’s a boom and bust cycle and good reason to fear it
[Hayek] Blame low interest rates.
[Keynes] No… it’s the animal spirits”

Look up the tag mixed tape for a list of all science-themed music collections at Scientific B-sides.


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