What’s up with Scientific B-sides in 2012?

Happy New Year!

Scientific B-sides is less than three months old, but growing quickly. Here are my personal highlights, one for each month:

And what are my plans for Scientific B-sides in 2012?

First, and most importantly, I have teamed up with the woman, who is not Nicola James but my wife, to create a collection of Best Songs About Science, which will come out in the next few days or so.


On the science side, I’ll start with a short series on research strategy in computational biology. I will claim that we have too many methods already and discuss a question-driven approach. The first post in this series will be called: Spare me your method! Show me your finding!


On the philosophy side, I plan a series on Feyerabend. Since duty called me to rubbish some articles I had to read on Feyerabend, I think I should have a look behind the polemics and describe the messages I took out from reading The Tyranny Of Science myself.


And finally, I plan a series on scientific soft skills, based on my collection of resources. I plan to post on leadership, presentation and writing skills.

Stay tuned!


image source: http://im03.thewallpapers.org/desktop/21486/london-wheel-wallpaper


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