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Geek love in its noblest form — Carl Zimmer’s Science Ink

You think crocheting mathematical objects is almost too geeky to bear? Then you might want to sit down now!

It all started when Carl Zimmer saw a friend’s tattoo of a DNA molecule and realized he had bumped into the tip of a vast hidden iceberg.

He soon started to collect pictures scientists sent him. It probably helped that he is a rather well-known science writer for papers like the New York Times and magazines such as Discover; if I’d asked people for pictures of their body they’d have sued me for harrassment.

So far Carl has amassed more than 250 tattoos on his blog The Loom. If you ever feel the need to procrastinate, this collection is a great way to spend time.

And it gets even better. Now a selection of his collection got published as a book — Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed.

In November 2011 Science Ink even made the #2 spot in the Amazon best seller lists for … Beauty and Fashion!

That makes me hope to see a new trend emerging here. I’d prefer to see more DNA tattoos than those ubiquitous tramp stamps.

Science Ink is on my Christmas wishlist. Let’s hope Nicola James reads this …



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