Procrastinating in R

How do you procrastinate best?

I have a huge window in my office from which people can see my monitor, so obvious things like Facebook or Youtube don’t work for me. Writing this blog helps, and I can even claim that it has science-related content. But other people are much greater experts in doing fun stuff that is almost, but not completely work.

Take a look for example at An R function to analyze your Google Scholar Citations page by Jeff Leek at Simply Statistics. The code is easy enough and I could reproduce their intial results:

out = searchCite("Rafa Irizarry",pdfname="rafa_wordcloud.pdf")

and then even succeeded in extending their seminal analysis by

out2 = searchCite("Florian Markowetz",pdfname="flo_wordcloud.pdf")

And here is the result:

Neat! Another 15 minutes killed!


3 thoughts on “Procrastinating in R

  1. Awesome! I like the word cloud and really like the blog. Didn’t know you had one. I will add you to our blogroll at Simply Stats right away. You should also get on Twitter so I can add you to our collection of statisticians.


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