Thank you for complimenting me on my large quantity


Here is an email I just got this morning:

Dear Prof.Group ,

How have you been? Hope you everything goes well.

This is -xxx- from -yyy-  exporting peptides with good quality and low price. We adopt a new technology of peptide synthesis, I hope this information is of your interested.

No, it isn’t. But I’m not in the mood to start my working day either and decide to read on.

After two boring paragraphs on protein synthesis, the juicy bits start:

With your large quantity,we can give you more discount.

Hmmm, what could he be talking about? Do I look fat?

Now, this poor guy is trying to sell me something I don’t need, and I don’t feel bad deleting his email.

But sometimes I get emails from prospective students starting with ‘Dr Prof Group’ or ‘Dr Most Respected Sir’ — and no matter how smart they are, this is not a good strategy to get into my lab. To help them (and to reduce the amount of spam I get) I put together a short guide on how to apply to my lab.

There is even a little test in it, to find out if people actually went to my webpage and read it before they sent me an email. (Kudos to Mark Gerstein for this idea.)

If they didn’t, I don’t feel bad at all when I delete their email as spam. With my large quantity, there are more coming every day anyway.



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